What Is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is an amazingly simple, safe, and enjoyable way to move forward and away from the problems you are currently facing. A calm, positive, confident, and relaxed approach to life means you can deal with whatever situation you find yourself in.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy doesn’t look at your past. You can’t change the past and trying to find the cause of your problems by revisiting old traumas can make things worse, freshening them up again. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps you to deal with the situation you find yourself in today, you can start to take small positive steps towards the positive, happy, bright future that you want.

What do you want your bright future to look like? A new way of being? full of confidence, calmly coping with whatever challenges appear. A life full of fun? Waking up and looking forward to whatever the new day might bring. A new job or maybe that promotion you long for? Are you picturing yourself with new friends? Or confidently making a speech? Perhaps you just want to go shopping and not let the crowds bother you?

I will provide you with all the tools you need to make that future a reality. I’ll explain why your brain behaves in the way it does, the more you understand the easier it is to create change. You will receive a relaxation sleep track to listen to at bedtime. My clients quickly notice that they are sleeping better, always a benefit!!

I can help you to take back control of your life, to deal with stress and anxiety. To help you become positive, confident, and relaxed, to deal with worries, relationship issues, to get rid of phobias and to lift your mood.

Together we will look at where you are now and help you to find a way forward, finding solutions and creating a brighter future.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help with:

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4 sessions total cost £230 - 4 hours

Relaxation Sessions

£30. Approximately 30 mins

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