The Initial Consultation

This costs £35 and includes my Sleep Track either on CD or Audio Download – Approx 40 minutes.

It usually takes about 40 minutes but longer if we get chatting!

The Initial Consultation is an opportunity for you and me to get to know each other and to make sure that you understand the whole process.

I give you an explanation of how your brain works and why it does what it does and how hypnotherapy will help.

It gives you a chance to ask any questions so that you feel completely comfortable to start moving towards your preferred future.

Further Sessions

These cost £65 and are 1 hour long.

Further sessions always begin with a chat to identify ways for you to move forward in a gentle and very positive way and to review your progress. It’s amazing what you can achieve in a relatively short period of time. Sessions are often good fun; I want you to leave feeling positive and energised.


Phobias require 4 sessions and cost £230.

The NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) technique that I use is tried and tested and I have used it very successfully many times.

Relaxation Sessions

30 mins of tranquillity and calm. Cost £30.

This is more than just taking some time out. Half an hour when nobody wants anything from you, and nobody expects anything from you. Let your body totally relax and let your mind just drift leaving you feeling calm and positive.

Talks to Groups

I enjoy talking to groups about Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. I give them an explanation of the brain, then everyone has the opportunity to tell the group about the most positive thing that has happened to them on that day. Then I lead everyone into a guided relaxation so that they can experience just letting their mind drift for a while, enjoying the calm tranquillity.
Talks cost £75

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