Here are some frequently asked questions I receive.

What does Solution Focused mean ?

Solution Focussed means that we don’t look at your past. You can’t change the past and trying to find the cause of your problems by digging up old traumas can make things worse. But you can find solutions to the situation you find yourself in today, you can start to take small positive steps towards the positive, happy, bright future that you want.


What is Trance ?

One of the tremendous advantages of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is that we use trance. Trance is, of course, very ordinary in many ways. We go into trance many times a day, when we are driving, watching television, out for runs, reading etc. We do it all the time.

We only require a very light trance, and it is very pleasant and relaxing.


What if I don’t wake up ?

As a very light trance is all that is required its very easy to bring yourself out of it. You remain in control at all times.


How many sessions does it take ?

On average clients usually require 8 to 10 sessions. There is no set time scale, and everyone is different.You will know when you are feeling better.


How quickly will I notice a difference ?

My clients often notice a difference even after the initial consultation. As you get a better understanding of why your braindoes what it does, you will quickly start noticing a reduction of symptoms. As your stress and anxiety levels come down and your sleep improves you will start to recognise significant positive changes.


Will I change ?

You will still be you but a more positive, confident, calmer, happier version !


Will I sleep better ?

A good night’s sleep is so important.At the Initial Consultation, my clients receive a relaxation sleep track. The more relaxed we can be the better the chances of a good night’s sleep. I ask them to listen to it every night as they go to sleep. Before they listen to the sleep track, I also ask them to think of the 10 best things that have happened during the day to get their brains into a good positive state.


Will I get homework ?

You will not get homework as such other than listening to the sleep track and thinking of the 10 best things that have happened during the day. Sometimes a small and do-able challenge may be helpful but only when appropriate.


What if I need to change my appointment ?

Just let me know with as much notice as possible and I will always try to find you another appointment. Please see my Terms and Conditions for details ?


Will you turn me into a chicken ?

“Only if you want me to” is my usual reply !!!!!!!!!

In all honesty I do not know how, it wasn’t part of my training. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic technique and not on-stage entertainment. Also, you won’t see any swinging pocket watches !

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