What my clients say about me and Solution Focused Hypotherapy..

Have been seeing Carol for over a year and she has helped me with so many things that I didn’t think were possible to work through. From phobias to anxiety, stress and daily life. Through Carol’s methods I have managed to excel in places I struggle and improve all aspects of my life.
Hannah S
My sessions with Carol have been amazing! She has helped me to re-find my positivity and equip me with valuable strategies and techniques to overcome my anxiety. I also enjoyed learning about how our brains work and gained understanding of how this can control our emotions. I now feel I can enjoy life once again. Thank goodness I found you!
I went to see Carol wanting to sort out what I thought was the issue that needed resolving. In the meantime, Carol sent me her hypnotherapy recording to listen to at night. Even though the recording was reasonably generic, it made a massive difference in only a few days. It really helped lift me out of my frustration and feel incredibly positive so that by the time we had our first session, I was already in a great mood. This meant we could move onto the NLP side quickly and wow! What a transformation that process was. We used the rewind technique first. When how this worked was explained I was sceptical in the extreme. There was no way something that quick was going to work. Seconds later, I felt the issue I was holding onto evaporate. This won’t last I thought. Three months on, I am still not in anyway affected by that event and I feel so much lighter and resilient. Then we moved onto time line therapy over the next few sessions. Again, this was also transformational as it cleared out tons of baggage that had been wearing me down for years. 3 months on, none of that baggage has resurfaced despite being up against some quite challenging times at the moment. Instead, I find myself rising to the challenges with a real sense of power and positivity and not a hint of victimhood. I highly recommend Carol for anyone who feels the stuff of life has started to get them down and feeling like they are no longer in control and a victim of circumstance. That mentality can be healed to enable you to really rise up and meet life head on with courage and determination. But! You do need to do the work. I was very diligent in listening to the hypnosis track every night as I went to sleep while working with Carol. I suspect this is a really important part of the whole process as it supports the work. If you work with Carol and follow her instructions, I am sure you will get the same dazzling results I did. I wish you well in resolving whatever it is you think you need help with. You have come to the right place!
Carol has worked with me to help me overcome issues associated with my anxiety disorder. These issues have been a daily struggle for years and Carol has given me tools to be able to move forward feeling positive. I have a much better understanding of what’s going on in my head and the ability and strength to overcome issues whenever they crop up. Carol instantly made me feel at ease, listened, and understood, and the tools she has given me have made a huge difference to my daily life. I would highly recommend Carol to anyone and cannot thank her enough.
Carol helped me become more positive and overcome the personal hurdles I was suffering at the time and has shown me how to cope with negative responses to situations. I feel so much happier and can’t recommend her highly enough!
Carol has helped me through a particularly difficult time. Seeing her once a week has been my sanctuary. I have total faith in recommending Carol. She has a lovely calm yet warm demeanour and I immediately felt comfortable with her.
Maureen D
Carol provides a warm and relaxing atmosphere and a calm approach. A gentle meditation and you are left with a sense of wellbeing. I would highly recommend Carol’s counselling.
Ann H

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