Spring Clean Your Mind

Spring is just around the corner, the snowdrops and daffodils are coming up with the promise of crocus, tulips, and warmer days to come. A time for fresh thinking and spring cleaning or perhaps they are the same thing?

Spring cleaning your house, clearing out drawers, sending things to the charity shops, moving furniture all make your home feel brighter. It can improve the energy, opening windows and letting fresh air in.

One of my clients recently decided to spring clean her bathroom as a do-able challenge, she “blitzed it”. I asked her what difference it had made to her, apart from having a beautiful bathroom. “I feel sparkling and orderly” she replied. So not only is this good for your home and your family but its good for your brain too.

Clutter can lower your mood. Just looking at a mess makes you sigh, assuming that it will take such a lot of time and effort to deal with it. All those old, dull useless things that have been there forever even though you don’t want them anymore.

It’s a bit like your brain. There are so many unhelpful memories connecting you to your past, anchoring you to times that were upsetting or traumatic. Wouldn’t it be more comfortable to change those emotional memories into just something that happened ? into a memory that doesn’t trigger any negative thoughts?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy uses gentle NLP techniques to do just that – clutter clear you brain. Leaving you free to get on with life without the past tripping you up. Allowing you to cope with whatever comes up in a positive way and to move forward towards the future that you really want.

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A spring clean for your brain!

What is solution focused Hypnotherapy?

Together we will look at where you are now and help you to find a way forward, finding solutions and creating a brighter future.

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