Plan for the Best

I keep hearing people saying, “when this is all over” or “when things go back to normal”. I wonder how different things may be in the future and will our lives go back to the way they were before this crisis. They might be better in some ways.

It’s very easy to think about the future in a negative way, to worry about it. I had a client who had plans and contingency plans ready to deal with every worst possible scenario or “what if” that could come up with.

Our brains do not know the difference between imagination and reality. If we play negative scenarios in our heads over and over again our brain thinks they have happened. This creates stress hormones and adrenalin which keeps us feeling anxious, wound up or maybe depressed. The most likely outcome of all the negative planning is that none of it will actually happen. We cannot predict the future.

We could however plan positively. We could utilise the same energy we used for planning the worst possible scenario to plan for the best possible scenario, our preferred future. Plan for good things to happen and you create a positive pattern for our brains to work towards.

There are so many good things going on which would have been unheard of pre-coronavirus. Clapping for the NHS, connecting with neighbours who didn’t even smile in your general direction before and, as I just heard on the news, rival gangs in South Africa joining forces to deliver food to the vulnerable. Amazing things !

Plan for the best
Expect the best
Get the best

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