How to think Positive in a Pandemic

How to think Positive in a Pandemic

Well, we never expected this, did we ? Things have changed so fast, in a very short space of time and carry on changing daily. Its difficult to get your head around it and make any sense of what is happening.

Change is often difficult to cope with, the brain perceives change as a threat. Our brains like to pattern match and just now we have no patterns to match to.

However as humans we have the ability to adapt, we are resourceful.
Every time I see my clients I always ask them the same thing; what’s been the best things that have happened to you since I last saw you ? I also get them to think of the 10 best things that have happened to them during the day before they go to sleep. This helps to produce a neuro-transmitter called serotonin and serotonin helps to regulate our mood and promote good sleep.

To think of 10 best things might seem nigh on impossible at the moment but best things can be very small and seemingly insignificant. But potentially very powerful.

For example;
The Sun is shining, spring flowers in the garden, a nice cup of tea, a nice cup of coffee, a hug from the kids, a dog with a waggy tail, laughing, a smile from a stranger (as long as they are 2 metres away), a good book, binge watching box sets, ELOs greatest hits at full blast etc.

Or they could be things we are grateful for; good friends, a warm bed, the opportunity to be in the garden or maybe even loo rolls.

It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it is positive, creative, beautiful, interesting, useful or just simply makes you smile.

Try it tonight ? Get the kids to join in. Make some serotonin and lift your spirits.

In the immortal words of Morecombe and Wise;

When you feel down try positive thinking,
That’s what I told them and said
“Don’t wear a frown try positive thinking,
Laugh at your troubles instead”.
You’ve got to look on the bright side,
On hope so much depends.
With your confidence sinking,
Positive thinking helps you on the way my friend.
When things look black try positive thinking,
Treat every season as Spring,
No glancing back, try positive thinking,
Trust what tomorrow will bring.
This crazy world what we live in,
Will keep on spinning round.
Then with good strong positive thinking,
We’ll get together and life won’t let us down.

Stay safe
Carol x



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