How did you sleep last night ?

How did you sleep last night?

“I dread going to bed” my client told me. She looked pale and exhausted with bags under her eyes as if she hadn’t had a decent night’s sleep for a very long time.

“I go to bed early in the hopes of sleeping but then I lay there tossing and turning for ages then eventually drop off for about an hour and half, then wake up with my brain buzzing like a video on fast forward. I can’t get it to calm down enough to go back to sleep and I just lay there worrying about every last little thing. We’re supposed to get 8 hours of sleep a night, but I never get close to that and then that really worries me too.”She was very anxious. Trying to look after her family and hold down a demanding job was difficult enough but to do all of that on very little sleep was becoming impossible.

Many of us worry about things that have happened in the past, even though we have no way of changing those things. We worry about the future, negatively forecasting things that will probably never happen anyway.
Anxiety is caused by that type of negative thinking. In Solution Focused Hypnotherapy we say that all our negative thoughts are accumulated and stored in a stress bucket. When we wake up in the night feeling upset and can’t go back to sleep its probably because our stress buckets are overflowing.
We do have a way of emptying our buckets and it’s called REM sleep or rapid eye movement. At night during our REM sleep we rerun the events of the day as dreams and change them from emotional memories into ordinary memories. When we get a good night’s sleep and we empty our buckets our problems don’t seem so bad in the morning and we can start each day stress free.

So, to improve our sleep we need to break the vicious circle of negative thinking which fills up our stress buckets to overflowing which disrupts the sleep that we need to empty our buckets.

At their first visit my clients receive a relaxation CD. The more relaxed we can be the better the chances of a good night’s sleep. I ask them to listen to it every night as they go to sleep. Before they listen to the CD I also ask them to think of the 10 best things that have happened during the day to get their brains into a good positive state to start to break that vicious circle.
Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is all about using the power of positivity to reduce anxiety.

I worked with my client to help her to increase her positive thinking. She listened to her CD every night and her bucket gradually emptied and her sleep gradually improved.

At her last session she looked fabulous and she proudly announced, “I really look forward to going to bed now”.

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