How can Hypnotherapy help with Phobias?

Having a severe, irrational fear or phobia can make life really difficult at times. Sometimes we just have to avoid the thing that causes us a problem, but this is not always possible. How do you avoid needles when the entire population is having vaccinations? How do you avoid spiders if you work as a gardener? How do you avoid wasps in the Summer or spiders in the Autumn? How do you avoid dogs if you like to walk in the countryside?

There are thousands of phobias, vomiting, blood, heights, flying, escalators, lifts, water, small spaces, public toilets, buttons, balloons, clowns, rats, snakes etc.

Some phobias sound quite strange, but they are very real and very frightening to the person who has that phobia.

Phobias can appear for many reasons; we may have seen our parents react badly to something or we may have suffered a trauma that triggered the phobia the cause is often unknown. A phobia is a negative pattern in the unconscious mind. In Solution Focused Hynotherapy we use a gentle NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) technique to change the negative pattern and to reframe the whole situation so that your response to whatever was the problem is just a normal one.

Don’t let a phobia restrict you and your life. I can help you to have a calm and normal reaction so that you can get a vaccination, you can sit in the garden in the Summer and you can walk in the countryside.

What is solution focused Hypnotherapy?

Together we will look at where you are now and help you to find a way forward, finding solutions and creating a brighter future.

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