Does hypnotherapy work?

Yes! and it is very effective. Hypnotherapy is a gentle way of helping people to change the way they think and behave by using guided relaxation and visualisation. It is proven to be highly beneficial in treating anxiety, sleep problems,anger issues, low mood, OCD, phobias, and lack of confidence.

Trance is used to create a state of relaxation where the mind is focused. In this state positive suggestions and guided imagery are used to help clients to find their own solutions to their problems. Clients often say that the trance state is very pleasant and enjoyable.

By encouraging positivity and improving their sleep clients quickly see their confidence returning. They find they are able to deal easily with problems that used to seem impossible and they become calmer and happier as they move towards their preferred future.

What is solution focused Hypnotherapy?

Together we will look at where you are now and help you to find a way forward, finding solutions and creating a brighter future.

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