Solution Focused ZOOM Sessions

It was always agreed that face to face sessions were the best way to treat your client.

The events of the last year have made that impossible so now most therapy is conducted via Zoom.Unexpectedly, this has proved a real positive!

Many clients say they prefer seeing their therapist via Zoom and therapists find the outcomes for their clients are just as successful. It is surprising how quickly we are able to adapt to this really useful new form of communication.

You will need a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. I will email you a link for the agreed appointment time and all you need to do is click on the link. It’s very simple.

My clients remain in the comfort and the safety of their own home.

You save time as there’s no need to travel and it’s also better for the planet.

You can relax in your own familiar environment.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy always keeps up to date with new developments in neuroscience now we are keeping up to date with technology as well!

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Carol Dixon – Solution based Hypnotherapist

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